Celebrate Valentine’s Day Early for the Love of Elephants!

Join us for Elephant Friendly Tea Tasting and Visual Storytelling in Bend, Oregon February 6, 2018 7-8 pm at The Environmental Center. This event is sponsored by the University of Montana Broader Impacts Group, the Wildlife.  Friendly Enterprise Network, and Bend, Oregon’s very own Metolius Artisan Teas.  Metolius Artisan Teas is the first Oregon-based company to source Certified Elephant FriendlyTM Tea, and they wholesale tea to a long list of fine establishments, so we expect to see Elephant Friendly Tea soon becoming available in a number of locations (see our Where to Buy section on this web site, we will keep you posted!).

Metolius Artisan Tea staff will be on hand at this event to serve samples of their new Elephant Friendly line of fine black tea sourced from the world’s first Certified Elephant Friendly tea plantation in Assam, India.  Bring your own tea cup or mug and save a tree!  Certified Elephant Friendly is always pesticide and herbicide free!

University of Montana’s Lisa Mills and local Bend resident Marina Richie will be presenting a slide show of elephants and the story behind the Elephant Friendly movement, and how this project that is beginning to fund the restoration of elephant corridors and reduces human-elephant conflict was established.  Learn about the natural history of Asian elephants and what is being done to reduce the impact of human activity on their populations, which are now facing the risk of extinction in the wild within this century.   Learn how you can help stop the decline of elephant populations by the simple act of drinking a cup of tea!

Valentine gift packs of tea will be available for purchase- give the gift of conservation to someone you care about!  A tree will be planted with the profits from each sale!

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