Elephant Friendly™ in the Media

Afar Media VIDEO:  In India, Elephant-Friendly Tea Is Brewing Change                    Click Here to View

Heart of Conservation Podcast May 2020  How Tea is Becoming a Powerful Force for Elephant Conservation in India


National Geographic January 2020  Elephants are falling into trenches on Indian tea plantations But efforts to grow elephant-friendly tea are helping

Missoulian Newspaper January 2020   University of Montana helps Asian elephants through ‘unconventional’ work

The Telegraph India January 2020  New Elephant Friendly™ Tea Certification Standards Featured


The Tea and Coffee Trade Journal, September 2019 Sustainability through Elephant Friendly™ Tea Certification

Sierra Magazine: Saving Elephants One Cup At a Time, USA

More Power2You Video Feature of Elephant Friendly™ Farmer Tenzing Bodosa– by Datsun India    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKtr4gfrXEs

The International Journal of Agriculture article by Dr. Pradip Baruah, See section on “Role of tea estates in conserving biodiversity,” second page of article: Tea: An Important Constituent of Biodiversity of Assam, Northeast India

University of Montana Research Vision Magazine https://medium.com/vision-2018/tea-for-elephants-1aa2e44576ee

Nature In Focus January 2019- Why Should Your Brew Be Elephant Friendly https://www.natureinfocus.in/nature-and-wildlife-conservation/why-should-your-brew-be-elephant-friendly

The Telegraph, India  https://www.telegraphindia.com/states/north-east/us-brew-gets-udalguri-grower-s-name-226514?ref=north-east-new-stry

Mongabay News Features Elephant Friendly™ as one of the top actions towards biodiversity conservation in 2018! – January 2019  https://india.mongabay.com/2019/01/01/stories-of-positive-actions-towards-biodiversity-conservation-in-2018/

Northeast Today- India https://www.northeasttoday.in/for-jumbos-with-love/

National Public Radio Interview with First Certified Elephant FriendlyTM Farmer  https://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2018/02/06/578316316/tea-farmer-in-india-leads-charge-for-organic-evades-the-charge-of-elephants

A New Angle Podcast (Scheduled to air May 1, 2018)  https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/a-new-angle/id1336642173?mt=2

The Hindu Newspaper, a national news agency in India, A Jumbo Cup of Assam Tea

World Tea News, New Certification Incentivizes Elephant Conservation

University of Montana News, UM Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Launched Elephant Friendly Tea

The Missoulian– Montana, USA, UM Partners with Local Businesses to Launch Elephant Friendly Tea

Times of India, Tenzing’s Tea Plantation in Assam is the World’s First to Get Elephant Friendly Tag

The Telegraph India, Jumbo Friendly Tag for Assam Tea Farm

The Northeast Today, Assam’s Udalguri District Gets World’s First Elephant Friendly Tea, India

The Better India, This Assamese Man’s Tea Estates are the World’s First Elephant Friendly Ones

Khaleej Times India, Man-Elephant Friendship Brews in Tea Estate

Northeast News Live, Assam’s Udalguri district gets world’s first elephant friendly tea, India 

The Deccan Chronicle India, Tea Gardens Get Elephant Friendly

Asian Age, Assam two tea gardens get world’s first jumbo friendly tag, India

The Telegraph, NGO to start jumbo portal- Move to help countries with elephants work together, India

Missoula Independent– Sipping for Elephants, Montana, USA

Elephant Country- Asian Elephant Secretariat, This Assamese Man’s Tea Estates are the World’s First Elephant Friendly Ones

The Montana Standard, Flash in the Pan, Montana’s Connection to Elephant Friendly Tea- USA

Durango Telegraph, Elephant friendly Assam, Colorado, USA

Sanctuary Asia, Twitter Feed Live Report, India

Elephants in the Coffee Web Site, Here is proof that some farms can be elephant- friendly

The Austin Statesman, Elephant Friendly Assam, Texas, USA

Save the Elephants Web Site (repost of The Times of India), Tenzing’s tea plantation in Assam is the world’s first to get elephant friendly tea certification

Planet Experts Web Site (repost), New elephant friendly tea certification to aid conservation efforts

Montana Associated Technology Roundtables (repost), University of Montana, Wildlife Friendly Enterprise to Launch Elephant-Friendly Tea, USA

Rocky Mountain Tea Festival Workshop July 2018- Certified Elephant Friendly Tea:   Setting a New Standard for Tea to Save Endangered Elephants